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Compression Gear Increases Power and Stamina
Erik Stokstad reported the following information in the July 1999 Outside Magazine,
“A scientific study done by exercise physiologist William Kraemer revealed that shorts made from highly elastic fabrics could reduce muscle fatigue and thus improve athletic performance by up to 30 percent! After five years of research, Kraemer found that wearing shorts made with about double the Lycra in standard biking shorts increased power by 12 percent among men, probably because the garments reduced wiggling that can tire muscles. An even greater benefit, about 30 percent, was reaped by women.”

“Legend has it that the concept was born when an especially self-confident football player squeezed himself into a woman's girdle for added muscle support and in the process discovered that it helped prevent hamstring injuries.”

American Wave International has designed a line of compression protection shirts & shorts made of polypropylene or lycra and neoprene (where needed) to accommodate the demanding stress of today's incredibly active amateur and professional sports competitors. These unique compression protection garments are a necessity to complete a uniform. They keep the athletes playing an aggressive game. Athletes feel totally protected and will not hesitate to "go all out" in competition. Because these compression garments are made of such unique material and developed by athletes of diverse sports such as football and soccer, the wearer can be assured that all the comfort and protection concerns for any sport are met.

Material & Comfort
We use polypropylene or lycra material which has recently been researched and proven to be the best fabric in regards to muscle performance. This material is smooth and light, yet holds the muscle in place for optimal muscle protection and performance. Polypro has the added advantage of keeping the muscles warm in cold weather. The pads are made with perforated 3 mm neoprene which creates a strong and durable padded area along with breathability. The seams are a seven needle flatlock stitch which creates a strong and decorative seam without causing a rash. The comfortable elastic in the leg bands assure the athlete that these shorts will not ride up with extreme activity. In an effort to assure comfort we even included a draw string adjustable waist band in the shorts.

These compression protection garments are available in a variety of popular colors to offer style along with practicality and protection. With the color choices available, they become part of the uniform. The contrast stitching will bring out the preferred colors of the shorts and show the lines of the garment. These compression protection shorts come in the standard black, royal, red and white. These colors are warehoused and can be shipped upon receiving the order. You may mix and match the above colors, varying the Lycra, pads and stitching to better suit your team uniforms. Custom colors (using lycra and stitching not mentioned above) are available depending on availability of material and will take appx. 6 weeks delivery and cost an additional .50 per pair of shorts.

The shorts are available in two popular lengths - long, appx. 10" inseam and short, appx. 7" inseam. We have an expanded size range which include everything from XXS to XXXL at no additional cost.

We at AWI are confident that these products will enhance the performance of the athlete, will ease the fears of the parents of child athletes regarding injuries, and become a standard component of many physically demanding sports' gear.