Belly Buster/Back Support

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It's new! A wonderful AWI poduct designed to assist in weight loss and fitness. The belly buster is made from 2mm neoprene with a velcro closure. It adds abdominal and back support during your exercise routines or sport activity. Wear this device around the house or at work to help shed extra pounds. It's designed to make you sweat away unwanted pounds while targeting your midsection. The belly buster also helps prevent injury in your midsection by keeping those muscles warm and loose while it's being worn.

Note: It should be worn over clothing, ie. with an AWI compression shirt.


  • 100% American made
  • 10" wide 50" long for maximum coverage, can be cut to size
  • Velcro closure has a 2: wide strip for a secure fit
  • Not to be used during pregnancy
  • Please consult a physician if you have any pre-existing conditions
  • Not to be used in place of professional medical treatment

Available in black only.

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